COVID-19 Update - 4th August - Biker T-Shirts UK

COVID-19 Update - 4th August

We have had an update from the t-shirt printers regarding turnaround times below: The printers have just lowered their turnaround times to a maximum of 7 working days.

  • All clothing, phone cases, enamel mugs, travel mugs & 15oz mugs: 7 working days.
  • All 11oz mugs, two-toned mugs, posters, socks & multi-use headbands: 4 working days.
During the pandemic, this is no small feat. It took some dandy work from the production team who, supported by new equipment and processes, have seen to it that your orders flow through the door like a river in a rainstorm. Aside from hiring more hands, the key to this success has been employing new machinery and stock handling processes to combat the rise in demand and supply chain difficulties brought about by the pandemic.
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