COVID-19 Update - 13th July - Biker T-Shirts UK

COVID-19 Update - 13th July

A few months ago our printers suspended a good chunk of their catalogue due to the Coronavirus’s effect on our supply chain. This allowed us to re-open our service and fulfil orders whilst keeping our team safe, and we're now confident we can re-launch these suspended lines safely.

From today (13th July 2020) most products currently suspended will become available again. This means new orders may take a little longer than our current 12 working day quote whilst we clear this small backlog.

Discontinuations, stock shortages & on-going suspensions

There are some important details to keep in mind as they re-launch suspended products. 

Their 'new normal' has seen them review how they operate, and as a result they will soon be holding more stock of more products, in house. To facilitate this they've made the decision to discontinue the SOL'S range from our product catalogue on Friday 10th July so these have now been removed.

We are currently experiencing product shortages across Gildan products. There are some shortages with the Gildan Heavy GD05.

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